Our business plan:

At Air Rainier, we want to give our clients a different experience. Many management companies charge a large monthly fee no matter how much or how little the aircraft flies, but many people don’t fly every day. If the airplane is not being used very often, these fees are a huge expense which just doesn’t make sense for the average user.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to write a big check each month if you didn’t use your aircraft enough to justify it; you should only be paying for the services that you actually use. To that end, Air Rainer charges a low monthly management fee to reflect the time spent, which is reviewed on a bi-annual basis.

What we do for you:

Your aircraft will be kept in compliance with all Federal and manufacturers requirements to the highest margin of safety. We will work closely with you to ensure any required maintenance will result in a minimum amount of down time that will not impact your aircraft’s mission. We closely oversee all maintenance to ensure the utmost care is given to your investment, ensuring that it will retain the maximum value over time. Air Rainier carefully selects pilots and crewmembers to ensure each exceeds all FAA and insurance requirements. We pride ourselves on customer service, and are ready and capable of taking care of your entire trip, to include hotels, ground transportation, and catering. Tell us what you need, and all you have to do is show up!

Other Services

Perhaps you are considering purchasing an airplane or upgrading your existing equipment.  If so, let Air Rainier’s experience help you choose the best plane for your missions! Our experience allows us to consider not only the obvious choices of speed, range and seating capacity, but the finer points such as how those choices interact with each other as well as take-off and landing performance.  Let Air Rainier help get it right!